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RISK TRAINING was founded by former officers of special units of the armed forces and police. We are an international group, and the instructors were trained in the Polish GROM division, the British SAS, and the American Delta Force. Our paramedics have experience on the ground in Afghanistan. We have developed special courses in Risk Training for civilians, journalists, and professionals. Our center is located on the territory of a small military complex in Wrocław, Poland.

  • European Training Center
  • Experienced staff of instructors
  • Tactical procedures taken from NATO countries
  • Military-grade weapons
  • Paramedics with battlefield experience in Afghanistan
  • “Red” tactics
  • Professional driving track
  • Individual attention and safety
  • Full service, transfer service, accommodation, and meals
  • We speak Russian and English

Risk Training


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What was yesterday a calm and peaceful life in cities with millions of inhabitants is quickly becoming an armed-conflict zone. Car crashes and accidents, domestic violence, crime, and road violence have somehow become common occurrences in our everyday lives. The Ultimatum Program is designed specially for those who have no significant experience in these kinds of circumstances, i.e. handling military-grade weapons, for those who are lucky enough not to have experienced criminal activity or war zones. It is for those who would like to be confident, for those who are ready to take a proactive stance, and to assume responsibility for themselves and for those around them in difficult or extreme circumstances



We see the deaths of journalists more and more often, practically live on television. The capture or hostage taking of journalists and the public executions of those who report the news are no longer rare occurrences. We are seeing journalists being specifically targeted by warring parties and terrorists. We are now living in a time when the rules are no longer being followed and a press pass, even from leading publications or well known TV organizations, will not save you from aggression or assaults on your life and safety. We developed the Reporter program based on the standards adopted and applied by journalists from leading western news agencies, who operate independently or as part of ISAF combat units in Afghanistan



The Operator program was designed for professionals in the security sector. The foundation of the course is the international standard adopted by personal security specialists in high-risk zones. (High Risk Operator Close Protection Training). We take an individual approach to the preparation needs of personal security teams, with their wishes and levels in mind. Our specialists’ extensive training experience in private and public security has enabled us to put our finger on the best training method for professionals. Our program is intense, and includes individual, teamwork, specialized, arms and tactical training, action under exceptional conditions and security procedures



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