Risk Training


tactical shooting

Armed conflicts, acts of terrorism, man-made disasters and catastrophes, and criminal activities are all part of the world of professional journalism. The field is interesting and dangerous, and frequently involves risking life and limb. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 79 journalists died in the line of duty in 2010, and in 2011, more than 43 journalists lost their lives in countries throughout the world. In recent times, journalists have become targets for terrorist attacks and have even been executed publicly.

Here at Risk Training, we conduct specialized courses based on international experience, procedures used by independent journalists and the ComCam unit of ISAF in Afghanistan. This two-day program includes preparation protocols, identifications, plans of action, psychological aspects of criminal situations, and practical training. A critical element of our course is medical preparation. The cost of the course is 1899 euros, (including accommodation, transit from the airport, and food). Confidence, knowledge, and experience are priceless. Any questions can be addressed over phone or email using the information in the Contact Us section. We do our best to address each client individually.

  • European training center
  • Professional instructors
  • NATO and European special forces standards
  • Professional driving track
  • Recommended equipment
  • Paramedic war-time protocols
  • Extreme and defensive driving
  • Adapted “Red” tactics
  • Transit to and from airport, meals, and accommodation