Risk Training


Tactical Courses

The international standard became the base of the Operator program for professionals, adopted by specialist of personal security in high-risk zones. (high Risk operator close protection Training). We aim to take an individual approach to the preparation needs of personal security teams, with their wishes and levels taken into account. Extensive training experience of specialists in the private and public structures has allowed us to find the best approach to train professionals. Individual training, teamwork training, special training, fire and tactical training, action under special conditions and security arrangements. Our company was founded by former officers of special units of the armed forces and police. Our international staff of instructors received training as a part of the Polish GROM unit, the British SAS, and the American Delta Force. Our paramedics have battlefield experience from Afghanistan. We have developed special Risk Training courses for civilians, journalists, and professionals. Classes are conducted in small groups and are designed so that over the course of a short, active training period, you will receive confidence, knowledge, and practical experience defending yourself and those close to you in difficult situations, combat zones, and in a criminal environment.


  • European training center
  • Professional instructors
  • NATO and European special forces standards
  • Military-grade weapons
  • Professional driving track
  • Tactical shooting
  • Paramedic war-time protocols
  • Extreme and defensive driving
  • “Red” tactics
  • Safety and full support, transit to and from airport, meals, and accommodation