For white collar and professionals

About us

Team and conditions

RISK TRAINING was founded by former officers of special units of the armed forces and police. We have developed special courses in Risk Training for civilians, journalists, and professionals.

  • Modern Training Center
  • Experienced staff of instructors
  • Tactical procedures NATO countries
  • Military-grade weapons
  • Practical methods
  • Tactical Medicine and Red Tactics
  • Professional driving track
  • Complete security
  • Individual attention
  • Full service, transfer service, accommodation, and meals

Risk Training


Tactical Medicine

Tac MED Operator

Study of the theory, step-by-step and complex development of practical skills, assistance to victims in wounds, tactical protocols, as well as for victims of criminal incidents and acquisition of a field medicine chest

tactical shooting


Tactical shooting, short and long trunk, fire control and work with weapons. The training is aimed at raising the level of the culture of safe handling of weapons

Tactical Courses


The Operator program was designed for professionals in the security sector. The foundation of the course is the international standard adopted by personal security specialists in high-risk zones- High Risk Operator Close Protection Training



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